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Title: Some Circumstances
Rating: I think for now it's still G but later on maybe PG-13?
Warning/s: none
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Shoujo, Angst and etc.
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Is a first person base story mainly about Mikael 'Mike' Sherlock. A young adult with a little trouble on his social life. He was expressive, easy to read and serious on his life with this whereabouts he was often used as their benefit.


Chapter 1:


It started when I was feeling a tad conscious about some things that I didn’t used to care at all. From the past year I tried to think about asking to my good friend that I am proud of. When I was still a student I like an upper classman of me, she was funny and smart and graduated with fair grades. Year past and I haven’t seen her at all, and So, I thought that it was just a little admiration and that’s all of it. Now, I am working in a good company with most of my friends and well, it brings back my college memories that I used to both loved and hated.


Our college friend, Kate invited us on her 23rd Birthday that will be held on Saturday. I haven’t seen everyone around specially my almost brother-like friend, Nate.

“Mike!”  Someone called me but I didn’t bother myself on reacting,

“Mikael Sherlock! Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me just now!”

Now it went clear it was clear~ Nate was the one who called me, and he whacked me for ignoring him. He was still at our College and had failed again on his subjects. This guy is occasionally matured and most of the time ‘childish’.  He’s someone I am sort off conscious not about anything personal but he’s the type to read our actions and it’s a bit uncomfortable. Way back on my student days he just blurted like,

“Bro! you alright? Did something happen?”

That time there is a serious problem I had but I was sure that I mask myself and pretended everything is alright. Unfortunately, no one ever knew what happened except Nate. He’s always aloof, quiet, noisy, indifferent depending on who’s with him.

“I thought our call time is 4pm?” Nate asks while my mind flies

“Hah? I’m sorry, what was that again?” He was looking at me with interest and I felt something was up, “Is there a problem?”

“I dunno. My life is a problem itself~ Nah, I just asked that 4pm is our meeting time right? I didn’t know that I went early and my watch says it’s already 5pm.” He explained while checking his phone,

“Pierre is at the entrance already with Pam. So, Mike I wonder what’s happening to you? Hungry?”

“Yeah. Honestly, I haven’t slept well last night that’s why.” I lied

“Rye!!!!” Nate shouted and I saw Rye walking on the corner and just few minutes Pam, Pierre, Dan, Myles.

“Is Walter coming? where the hell is that shorty?” Pierre asked when Myles arrived

“Knowing him” Myles sarcastically answered, “Leigh and Chescka will be there soon. So, we should get going.”

“Eli can’t make it again, right?” Pam asks no one in particular

The group started chatting while walking towards the bus station and usually they talked about work related matters. Nate on the other side talking to Rye about random things can’t mix into. On our way they continued chatting about random people from our former school while Nate is on his own world.

Dan started saying things like ‘how’s Ella’ and her eyes’ direction on me. I didn’t respond it was part on my dark past. Ellie and Jill are all in the past now and I seriously hated this topic why can’t Dan buried it. Nate started talking to Rye and me,

“Well, don’t mind Danielle, she’s just bored or bitter or whatever.” Nate whispered with disgust

Rye slightly defended Dan, “You can’t blame her you know. Mike devoted himself to Ellie.”

He paused and smiled, “BUT PAST IS PAST.”

 “Yeah. Just think on the bright side ok?” Nate approves, “You are already a working man and you don’t need her.”

I somewhat feel alright for a moment Rye and Nate are quite strong, I’m a man and I should be strong too.

The birthday went good and I really enjoyed eating and drinking a little. We went home late and it’s bad to be late on my work tomorrow.

On the Next Day, It’s like the previous day~ I’m with Pam, Leigh, Myles and Walter. Our head instructed us to do the paper works and some few field works. Also, we were sent in a rural area. The day of work becoming so exhausting and I want to relax a bit. So, we went out to eat dinner in a pizza parlor.
While, waiting for our food Myles phone suddenly rang and went out to answer. When he came back he was with 2 girls and a boy, he introduced them to us. The girls are Meggan and Ashley and the boy is Reggie, they were Myles former workmates. The day went good since the girls are really funny and nice and Reggie seems a good buddy.

------to be continued


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